Curriculum Vitae

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Dorsey, A., Roach, J., Burten, R.B., Azcarate-Peril, M.A., & Thompson, A. (2024). Intestinal microbiota composition and efficacy of iron supplementation in Peruvian children. American Journal of Human Biology, e24058.

Kitrinos, C., Bell, R.B., Bradley, B.J., Kamilar, J.M. (2022). Hair microbiome diversity within and across primate species. mSystems 7, 4: e00478-22.

Bell, R.B., Bradley, B.J., Kamilar, J.M. (2021). The evolutionary ecology of primate hair coloration: A phylogenetic approach. Journal of Mammalian Evolution 28, 3: 911-927.

Carpenter, K., Bell, R.B., Yunus, J., Amon, A., and Berchowitz, L.E. (2018). Phosphorylation-mediated clearance of amyloid-like assemblies in meiosis. Developmental Cell 45, 3: 392-405.

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